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19/02/2014, ore 11:30, Aula A del Plesso Chimico 

Prof. Imma Ratera

      Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)


2D Microscale Engineering of Molecular and Bio-materials for Cell Guidance


 05/03/2014, ore 15,00, Aula A del Plesso Chimico


                                              Dott. Gabrile D'Avino


 Design principles for organic solar cells from multiscale modelling



20/03/2014, ore 16,30 Aula D Plesso Chimico

                                                                        Prof. Peter Crowley




"Calixarene-controlled Protein Assembly"



27/03/2014, ore 16.30, Aula A Plesso Chimico


                                                            Prof. Elisabetta Venuti





"Crystal to Crystal Photochemical Reactions Probed by Raman Microscopy"


13/05/2014, h. 14,30, aula C Plesso Chimico



 Prof. Fritsky



"Metallacrowns: from novel ligands to coordination polymers and MOFs"



Dott. Vincenzo Verdolino




"Multiscale Approaches in Computational Chemistry: practical examples"


11/06/2014, H. 11,00 Aula D Plesso Chimico



Prof. Michinori Suginome

Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Kyoto University


 "Asymmetric Catalysis Taking Place on the Chirality-Switchable, Single-Handed

Helical Macromolecules"

 04/09/2014, H. 15,00 AULA D, Plesso Chimico



    “Nanomaterials & Nanomedicine”

    Prof.ssa Valentini – 29/09/2014, ore 11,30 – aula A, EDIFICIO CHIMICO


  “Molarita' Effettiva e Concentrazione Critica nella descrizione di” Biblioteche Dinamiche di composti macrociclici.

    Prof. Mandolini -   29/09/2014, ore 15.00 - Aula Magna, EDIFICIO CHIMICO






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